4 Talent Management Cloud Solutions Worthy of your Trial

Regardless of whether you are interested in recruitment, performance management, learning and development, compensation management, or all of the above, having a talent management system is somewhat invaluable. As opposed to other solutions that focus on administration tasks, talent management systems provide strategic assistance when it comes to talent and human capital.

But what are some of the best solutions currently available and could their features benefit your own business? Here are 4 programs that are well worth giving a trial.


Engagedly cloud software review

This particular platform helps organisations align and motivate their workforce in a variety of different ways. However, its main aim is to assist with implementing employee performance systems driven by feedback. Engagedly gives you the power to set-up an anonymous or open 360-degree feedback system to help members of staff grow in their job roles.

You can also see whether employees are on track with their goals and encourage the entire workforce to collaborate on projects together.

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Crelate Talent

crelate talent software review/ compare

Aimed at recruiters, Crelate Talent describes itself as a “modern talent relationship management and applicant tracking solution that’s just right.” Database functionality enables you to find candidates and applicants easily based on resumes, notes, activities or history. Additional features include outlook integration, job board publishing, activity tracking, reporting, and resume parsing.

One thing that stands Crelate Talent above the crowd is its white-glove service, which gives you high quality onboarding, training, and support services whenever you need them.

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Acendre has a variety of solutions for all your talent management requirements. Natural Talent attempts to improve employee engagement with a unified view of your workforce and data-driven decision-making. People Analytics concentrates on workforce planning, recruitment, performance, and succession management through real-time and interactive reporting as well as fast data insights.

Talent acquisition assistance comes in the form of eRecruit, which encourages streamlined hiring practices and performance conversions. Last but not least, ePerform is on hand to create positive onboarding experiences but also automates the recruitment function.


For companies that don’t have the time or resources for a complex software package, SpriggHR could be the perfect solution, as it enables you to build and drive a high performance culture and recognise employee achievements easily. This simple-to-use platform also makes review processes as straightforward as possible while promoting evaluation consistency too.

Additional features include writing assistants and comment banks, 360-degree feedback, time management tools, and a performance scoreboard.