Benefits HR Software brings to your business

In a climate where 46 percent of new employees fail within their first 18 months, HR departments feel a lot of pressure to perform.

Why put that pressure on such a crucial department? You can alleviate some of their workload by adopting HR software

Save Physical Space in Your Office

No matter the size of your company, paper records take up a lot of space. If you choose to store them off-site, the cost of storage adds to your overheads.

Moving your information to an HR system removes the need to store paper records. It frees up physical space in your office. And it also helps you avoid paying for expensive archive storage space.

You can use that space in your office for something else. Google has 'play areas' to help staff socialize, exchange ideas, and find mental clarity while working on a thorny project.

Bringing plants into the office can boost productivity by 15 percent. Consider an indoor garden space where your filing used to be!

Speed up Common Processes

Having all of your company's HR information in one place makes it easier to find specifics. Using a search function is also faster than flicking through a paper filing system to pull out data.

It's far quicker to update records when you can call up a digital record in seconds. Updating paper records means locating the file and physically updating the information.

HR software also makes it easier for staff to step in to perform HR duties when your HR personnel are on vacation or off sick.

Even freelancers can benefit from the added speed of finding information. Instead of losing time you could be spending on paid work, you can find the information you need in seconds.

Specialist HR software like applicant tracking systems can streamline the otherwise time-consuming process of recruitment.

Better Use of Time by Your HR Department

How much time does your HR staff waste filling in forms or combing through files looking for information?

We've already discussed how HR software speeds up common processes.

One of the major benefits of HR software is it gives your HR staff time to work on projects that genuinely help your company. Perhaps they can spend time researching new productivity strategies or managing staff wellbeing.

And instead of employees taking up their time with HR queries, you can choose HR software with a 'self-service' feature. Employees can answer queries themselves using access to their own information. Giving employees control of their own data can give them a greater sense of ownership of their role in your company.

Improve Decision Making with Better Analytics

With records stored digitally, it becomes easier to access a raft of data reporting or analytics. Better data leads to better decision making.

Good HR software prompts HR staff to input information. It can also cross-reference data across different sections to provide more useful analytics.

It also means HR managers can spot patterns and prioritize areas for staff development. HR managers with a background in analysis can monitor performance to identify areas ripe for improved productivity schemes.

Better Data Management Leads to Better Monitoring

Staff normally undergo annual appraisal meetings to review their performance. One of the benefits of HR software is the ability to monitor their performance in real-time.

Employees can have feedback on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It gives them the tools they need to improve and helps your company stay on top of staff development.

That gives development a more organic feel, rather than feeling like something 'tacked on', or rushed through at a specific time of the year.

Your HR staff can also identify and send staff on the correct training programs when they actually need them. That'll help boost their productivity, rather than waiting until an allotted appraisal time during the year.

Better Access to Information Across Multiple Locations

You or your managers can access information from wherever they are, rather than having to be on site to find data.

HR software also helps you to avoid inconsistencies in information sharing since everyone is using the same system.

You can also side-step the issues posed by geography if your company has multiple locations. The software lets you establish consistency, both in how information is gathered and how it is stored, across these sites.

Remote workers can maintain their connection to your company and with the right HR software, talented employees don't need to travel or relocate to take up positions.

Experience Fewer Errors

Automation is one of the benefits of HR software, especially where payroll is concerned. A human may insert a decimal point in the wrong place. That leads to an employee being over, or under, paid.

Payroll software performs financial tasks automatically, reducing the margin for human error.

And no matter how experienced, reliable, or talented your staff are, they can also make errors when inputting other information.

HR software allows you to sidestep these errors, which can cost time and money to put right when they occur.

Ensure Compliance with Local Laws

Wherever your company operates, you'll be subject to state or local laws around employment issues. Maintaining the information required by this laws can take time and effort.

HR software pulls all of the information required by compliance into one place. You'll be able to produce any documentation for audit purposes within minutes.

Such information management is built into the software so once you've set up the system, you don't need to worry about it again.

Now You Know the Benefits of HR Software

Saving time, minimizing errors, and allowing staff ownership over their data are just some of the benefits of HR software.

To get a feel for the right HR software for your company, book onto a free trial with one our marketing leading providers.