Dedicated Or Shared Server When Choosing Web Hosting?

Choosing Web Hosting: Dedicated Or Shared Server?


When starting an Ecommerce site, or any other site that you expect to generate a lot of traffic it’s normal to choose to employ a web hosting service instead of hosting the site on your own servers.

Browsing the cloud based web hosting reviews will quickly make you notice that there are two prevailing solutions to choose from: dedicated or shared hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

The term “dedicated” means that you have a server all for you, there is no other traffic putting load on the hardware than yours.

This type of web hosting is usually for the more experienced used, a solid knowledge about websites, network infrastructure and security is needed as you will set up everything yourself.

The hosting provider will (in most cases which are not enterprise level) supply the hardware, or hosting space, and you will do the rest. This gives you more control, but will require more time from you.

What firewalls and other security measures you apply to your server will affect how secure your website will be from malicious attacks such as viruses and malware.

You will pay premium for the luxury of having your own server, but on the other hand storage space is usually close too unlimited.

Shared Web Hosting

If you opt for the cheaper option of shared hosting, you will share your server space with other websites. This will generally cost less, but you also give up control over many factors.

The service provider will generally set up adequate security measures such as virus protection and firewalls, which should keep your protection from malicious attacks up to industry standards.

As you cannot influence what the other websites are about, or what practices they engage in, there is a risk of your own site getting blacklisted from search engines. Even if you strictly follow standard practices, the other sites can engage in more shady activities which can lead to penalties from Google and other search engines.

Storage space is usually a set amount, and if you exceed it you will have to pay extra. However, since all websites hosted on the server share the cost for the hardware and service this is the cheaper alternative.

There is no clear winner of the two options, it all comes down to preference, budget, and skills.

If you are a smaller company, and budgets are tights, setting up your page in a shared page can be a good idea. This is also true if you expect traffic to be low, or if the technical skills needed are unavailable.

If you, on the other hand, expect high amounts of traffic, and want to be in control of all the factors surrounding your page, dedicated hosting will be the better options.