Cloud-Based Software for Business – How It Makes A Difference


Cloud-Based Software for Business – How It Makes A Difference

If you want to streamline your business, having the right tools for the job is a must.

Investing in solid cloud solutions, such as collaboration software, project management tools and CRM software will cover all your bases, and leave nothing to chance. Tracking metrics, setting up projects with clearly defined targets and deadlines, and enabling staff to work together as a coherent unit, will increase staff retention, revenue and efficiency.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a cloud-based software solution:
Pre-meeting Adjustments You're five minutes away from a meeting, just lightly going over what you intend to present when you realise there’s a gap in your presentation. With little time to remedy the situation, you need to consult one of your co-workers, so you send over an email but she doesn’t read it. This is a classic example of where a cloud solution provider would have come to the rescue.

Today’s collaboration tools allow team members to work together in the same online platform, communicate in real-time chats, and receive notifications of urgent messages. Documents can be shared in the same online space, too, so once any updates to a document are performed, they are instantly available and ready in time for that presentation.

Sick Days - A cold or nasty cough will inevitably have you bed-ridden from time to time. Perhaps it does not have to be a total waste though, if only you had access to the relevant information within in a platform where it was easy to make your contribution. A task or two could be completed as you gulp down that lemon and honey tea, and your support for the team need not be compromised.

When files can be uploaded, accessed and amended by everyone working on the project at hand, it only ever requires an internet browser to stay relevant and helpful.

Equality of Opinion  - Meetings are important, but some meetings are more important than others. One problem that can occur with group meetings is that they tend to favour extroverts. Those big personalities and loud voices soak up all the attention. But just because extroverts are more willing to share their opinion, it doesn’t mean that other, equally valuable, opinions aren’t out there too.

With a team that collaborates online, voices – extrovert or otherwise – are heard equally. Project management software promotes not just effective, streamlined practices and teamwork, but it also helps make sure that it’s people’s work that shines through rather than their personalities.

Be sure to consult our cloud service reviews to help your business find the solution it’s looking for.