HR Management Software: The Excel-lent Way to Eliminate Spreadsheets


HR Management Software: The Excel-lent Way to Eliminate Spreadsheets

If you are an SMB, it’s very likely that you are keeping employee information such as sick leave or vacation in an excel spreadsheet somewhere on your computer. As the company grows, this sheet becomes more and more convoluted, as more information is added and complicated formulas are used to calculate all sort of things.

Then the day comes…..opening the spreadsheets results in a pop-up window saying “Cannot open. File is corrupted.”. All information carefully curated over many months is suddenly gone and confusion ensues.

But there is a simple way to avoid these type of situations: employing a cloud based HR Management Software.

What is a cloud based system?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you probably have heard of cloud solutions. But just in case, let’s quickly go over what it entails.

Cloud software for business is a type of software/system that is located on a server outside your premises, usually by the provider of said software. As it’s not locally stored, you can access it from any device, anywhere, whether at home or on a trip. The software is normally accessed through a web interface, where you just open your browser and log in.

How does this benefit HR?

Investing in an HR management software can be incredibly beneficial, even for a small company, as it’s a long-term investment that does not change much over the years. Tracking your employees holidays will be needed today, as well as in 5 years.

Having all information in the same system will create a better overview, and HR staff can easily collaborate, track and evaluate. If corrective action must be taken, the information in the system will provide a good base for informed decisions.

What to look for in an HR system?

Before shelling out any money on a brand new system, do a hefty amount of research. Many HR systems are tailored towards a certain type of business, and may not be a good match for yours.

HR management software reviews can help immensely: see what others have said about the software. This normally gives a good indication of potential weaknesses in the system.

Does the system track the metrics you want? Sick leave, vacation and personal days are things that need to be tracked and properly evaluated.

Is the system designed for managers or employees? Many modern systems allow the employees themselves to check data in the system, such as remaining holiday days or past attendance. Decide how you want to utilise the system and act accordingly.

Is the HR software easy to use? And can you get great managerial reports? Always look for a system where thought has gone into the user experience, as this will minimise training when someone new needs to access the system.


With all these points taken into consideration you should have narrowed down the choices to, at most, a handful. Make your decision and enter a new age of HR Management. Compare the best HR Software providers on the market using our comparison feature