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Evolving the Intervals Logo

Intervals Logo

This last year we designed and launched an elegant overhaul of the Intervals user interface. That new interface was only one part of a larger company brand update. Today we are happy to announce the launch of our new logo.

Our goal was simple; be inspired by our legacy mark, keep the existing metaphor and create an updated version of who we are.  To do this we enlisted the help of our good friend, and talented graphic designer, Garth Humbert, and tasked him with designing something fresh and new, while still paying tribute to the original.

The metaphor is unchanged — a set of rings representing something akin to a nucleus, target or a solar system, a gravitational hub that organizes your projects and team in one central place. It’s a visual tip of the hat to our previous logo, and a recalibrating of our vision for the next decade and beyond.

Looking Back: A Visual History of Our Logo

Intervals Logo Iteration
June 2006 – July 2017


Intervals Logo Iteration
July 2017 – May 2018


Intervals Logo Iteration
May 2018 – Present