Four Cloud Solution Trends to Be On the Lookout For

On the Lookout For Cloud Solution Trends

The ether that cloud software inhabits is in constant flux. The relative youth of cloud solutions means that they’re rapidly evolving to suit the demands of all kinds of users. With few definites and an abundance of variables, the future of cloud technology and services is bright, but it’s also unpredictable. Here are some of the more realistic predictions of what we may be seeing in the near future.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid clouds already exist but are not as commonplace as you might think. Companies apprehensive about parting ways with their current setups are more likely to make the transition without the all-out adoption of a novel system. Surprisingly only a third of organisations are able to handle a hybrid IT system. This lack of resources within companies makes the transition to a hybrid system a challenge to execute. A huge range of cloud solution providers will no doubt be listening closely to these companies and will be keen to create methods of implementation that work for all.

Cloud Service Brokerages

Companies may not have the local expertise to assuredly identify the best project management software for themselves. This is where cloud service brokerages are growing to find their niche. These brokers act as specialised cloud consultants by first understanding the needs of their clients and then finding the cloud solution right for them. These brokers are also known for negotiating contracts between companies and cloud solution providers. Naturally, it won’t escape your notice that while such services come at a cost, the cloud solution reviews provided by Browse the Cloud do not.

Major Companies Will Follow Suit

Cloud software was at one point viewed as something particular to start-up’s. But having seen them prove their worth, big companies are now following suit. Those large, established brands, with their turning circles of a double-decker bus, are often among the most traditional and change-resistant organisations; yet even they are seeing that cloud technology strategies slash cost and risk. We’ll see even more movement in this area from enterprise-level organisations in the future.

Improved User-Friendliness

Cloud providers know that to make their product stick they need to appeal to the lay person. Not every employer or employee is technologically literate and few companies are willing to devote much time to teaching their taskforces new systems. This calls for an easy-to-use interface and data storage system that anyone can pick up with ease. Expect to see more user-friendly systems that are specifically designed so that they require no training.

With the adoption of cloud solutions on the rise, companies and their new systems are forming increasingly efficient relationships, giving way to rapid, beneficial change.