Payment Management Software Vendors for Small Business Owners


5 Best Payment Management Software Vendors for Small Business Owners.

Whether you own a boutique store or a grocery shop, if you are running an online business, you need a payment management software to keep track of your finances. You can find a bevy of software that can help you keep track of your financial resources. However, not all of them offer the kind of functionality that suits a small business owner.

For owners of small brick-and-mortar or online businesses, the best payment management application features easy user interface that allows perfuming basic accounting tasks. Here we have handpicked 5 best payment management applications that are particularly best for owners of small businesses.

1. Xero

When it comes to ease-of-use and robust functionality, not many payment management software can compare with Xero. The online accounting application comes with all the time-saving tools that can help keep track of your finances. It is the ideal solution for small businesses as the features and pricing packages are specifically designed to meet their requirements.

The payment management software allows you to record payments, create invoices, manage payroll, track inventory, and reconcile bank accounts. Moreover, the software allows you to create detailed accounting reports that you can view to gauge the financial position of your company. What’s best about this software is that it can integrate with a wide variety of 3rd party apps that can greatly expand the functionality of the software.

2. QuickBooks

Intuit’s accounting software QuickBooks Online is used by millions of small business users all over the globe. The payment management application is available in both online and desktop models. Using the software you can perform all the accounting related tasks such as managing payments, creating invoices, pay taxes, create reports, and much more. The software also integrates with a large number of 3rd party add-ons that add to the functionality of the software.

3. Sage One

Sage One is an affordable payment management solution that is designed with the needs of small businesses. You can use the software to create, track, and send customer invoices, email reminders, record receipts and payments, generate reports, link credit card, and bank accounts, and collaborate in real time with vendors and remote workforce.

4. Fresh Books

Fresh Books is a cloud based accounting software that contains all the tools that are necessary for managing financial resources. The accounting software contains features that allow you to send invoices, monitor payments, scan receipts, and integrate with credit card payment gateway. The payment management software also features automatic data backups, data encryption, and intuitive control interface.

5. NetSuite

NetSuite is another cloud only payment management solution that allows managing of internal company finances. It contains various value-added features such as accounting, supply chain management, inventory management, accounting management, and much more.

Remember that you must always conduct your own thorough research before selecting a software. When it comes to payment management software, you must select one that meets the financial management needs of your business. Browse through our list of top Payment Management Software providers and book onto a free trial today!