The apps all start-ups need

The apps all start-ups need

In times gone by, Britain was often referred to as a “nation of shopkeepers”. Nowadays it seems that we are a nation of start-ups, and with good reason.

As a country, we’ve grasped that start-ups provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to direct the growth of a business at a comfortable rate, with plenty of time to nurture and develop products and services or to get the right team in place.

Despite this, committing to a start-up can be quite daunting. The challenge of being responsible for everything your company does from the top down means that you’ll need plenty of organisational skills, problem-solving ability and, of course, the right tools for the job.

Start-ups, technology and productivity

All start-ups face a number of pitfalls – many of which are technology-related. The make-or-break point for many start-ups is rarely the ethics, values or willingness to work; the devil is often in the details.

Analytics, productivity and communication are all key to the success of any company, and if these cannot be quantifiably measured, it can be a case of a company folding before it has even got off the ground.

What’s the solution?

A start-up is only as good as the apps it makes use of. With this in mind, we’ve devised a list of groundbreaking apps tailored to the new, modern business to ensure your company gets the kickstart it deserves.

Best accounting apps for start-ups


Xero is a dream come true for busy individuals who want to spend more time being creative and less time balancing the books. It’s a cloud-based accounts package which is capable of automatically importing transactions from your online bank account. What’s more, it connects with over 300 third-party business apps, which means never having to worry about website integration. Xero provides businesses with access to unlimited users – this means as your business grows, your need for a new accounting package won’t.


If your start-up requires complex, industry-specific features as standard from its accounting software, look no further than Intacct. Aimed at finance companies, Intacct offers real-time, cloud-based accounting with deep functionality which helps to automate even the most complex of processes. Intacct has won the hearts and minds of the new finance industry, and it’s easy to see why. A free trial is available, so why not see what it can do for your business?

Must-have analytics tools

Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights has been at the forefront of analytics technology since 2003. It offers intuitive solutions to all businesses, regardless of size or industry, and is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to generating reports, providing analysis on prospective leads and transforming the way your business performs.


If you’ve been searching for a way to transform complex data into palatable, understandable metrics, Glassbeam is the app your business needs. It’s a fully customisable analytics suite which allows you to access data as complex or as simple as you need it to be in order to propel your business to dizzy new heights. It’s a versatile, powerful suite of tools which no start-up should be without.


Forget about hiring a business analyst – Actuate turns your data into business intelligence, allowing you to optimise your marketing strategies, anticipate closing cycles and even predict the behaviour of prospective customers. It makes use of embedded analytics to provide a competitive advantage and enables companies to meaningfully interact with prospects instead of shooting in the dark.

Efficient CRM systems for the modern start-up


WORKetc is an all-in-one, cloud-based dream-come-true for start-ups in need of a single CRM system. It allows users to manage projects, billing, customer support, sales leads and more in one single web-based platform. It negates the need for costly custom app interactions and the user interface is an absolute joy. Best of all, it integrates with all popular communication and accounting platforms, and native iPhone and Android apps allow you to use it on the move.

VOIP & Cloud Communication


If your start-up needs a telephone system which is easily upscaled as your company progresses, VOIP is almost certainly the solution. Vonage offers a hosted Voice over IP service with a plethora of features, all of which are fully customisable to the needs of your business. With unlimited calling capability, Vonage is perfect for modern businesses taking an old-school approach.

Marketing made easy


Mailchimp is one of the most popular direct digital marketing apps available, and it’s easy to see why. It’s long had a pedigree as a useful tool for engaging prospects and provides all manner of metrics to enable businesses to hone their content marketing craft. Email marketing isn’t dead – at least, not when your start-up is armed with Mailchimp. The app affords users the ability to A/B test, and the inbuilt address cleaner means you won’t be wasting time barking up the wrong tree in terms of marketing to non-existent leads.