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The Evolution of Cloud Services

Cloud computing seemed to come out of nowhere. One day we’re keeping all our data on in-house hard drives and the next we’re beaming our sensitive information into the cloud, without really understanding what it is or what it could be. The benefits may be undeniable, but questions remain: How did cloud software come into being? Who invented the concept? What organisations lead the way?

The cloud was known as the “intergalactic computer network” in its embryonic phase. If anybody can be credited for thrusting the idea into the IT world it’s J.C.R. Licklider, who worked for ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), and wanted to create a system where any form of information could be accessed from anywhere in the world. This idea was born in 1969 but didn’t see much traction until the 90's, when bandwidth started to become strong enough to support the kind of easy global data sharing that is so commonplace today.

In 1999, made the crucial move of enabling users to download software directly from their websites. Amazon Web Services joined the party in 2002 when they began to market cloud computing offerings, including storage and their novel service, Amazon Mechanical Turk.



In 2006, Amazon took their services a step further when they began renting out computers to small businesses that operated on their cloud solution. In 2009 a flood of browser-based enterprise applications became available in order to assist in the organisational aspect of business. The launching of reliable applications by renowned technology companies like Google and Microsoft made it easy for companies to hear about, trust, and apply their enterprise products. Speedier bandwidth also made it easier for these applications to function, as it will continue to do so in the future. 

With major companies leading the way, adoption of cloud services has caught on like wildfire. The ability to store your data in an off-site server means that businesses can manage their information with much greater efficiency, and vastly improve their strategic agility. With modern-day encryption, cloud services offer outstanding levels of security and complex infrastructures that are far superior to just about any in-house system.

The ease and reliability of the cloud has given rise to hundreds of cloud solution providers that cater to all kinds of businesses, projects and enterprises. With BrowsetheCloud software reviews to distinguish between the many services out there, you will be able to accurately evaluate which software is best for you.