Things to Consider When Selecting a Hosted VoIP Package

Things to Consider When Selecting a Hosted VoIP Package

A hosted voice over IP (VoIP) system can offer several benefits over a traditional communication system. One of the most important decisions that relates to implementing a VoIP solution relates to the selecting the best package that suits the needs and requirements of a business.

In this article, you will learn about some of the important factors that should be considered when selecting a hosted VoIP package for your company. A little consideration on your part when selecting the cloud-based telephony package will ensure that you get maximum value from your investment.

1. Upfront Costs and Monthly Charges

Before selecting a Hosted VoIP package, you should make sure that the upfront costs and the monthly charges are within the budget. It’s suggested that you compare the price packages of different vendors before pinning down a specific vendor. You must make sure that the hosted VoIP package contains features that meet the needs of your business.

Also, you should compare the costs including recurring fees of the hosted VoIP with the costs of purchasing your own equipment. Generally, a hosted VoIP is ideal for small and medium sized companies. For businesses that have more than 100 users, it becomes more cost effective to install an on-site server.

2. Easily Scalable

Another important consideration when selecting a hosted VoIP software is whether the services can be scalable according to the growing needs of the business. In case your business is poised for rapid growth, this factor is particularly important as you won’t have to grapple with costs and other terms when migrating to another service provider.

3. VoIP Features

When comparing VoIP service providers, you must compare not just the prices but also the features offered to the customers. You must ensure that the hosted VoIP service provider offers such features as call record, queues, CLI, and automatic call transfers. Also, when selecting a particular package you must make sure that the features will offer value for your company. Avoid paying extra for features that won’t be used during internal or external communication.

4. Voice Quality

An often overlooked factor when selecting a hosted VoIP is the quality of voice. Both the incoming voice should be clear with not jitters and delay. Moreover, there should be no service disruptions, which can negatively affect impressions of the customers. The right hosted VoIP service provider gives the highest priority to voice calls over data package that results in crystal voice with no distortions.

5. Service Availability

High service availability is the hallmark of a good VoIP service provider. The hosted VoIP provider should ensure that the calls can be placed and received during maintenance and even equipment failure. The VoIP network capacity should handle both expected and anticipated peak traffic volume.

Selecting the right hosted VoIP is crucial for the success of the busyness. That’s why it’s important that you consider the above factors carefully when selecting a hosted VoIP. Make sure that you conduct a thorough research and select a service provider that offers reliable and affordable services that satisfy your business communication needs.