Benefits of Using Hosted VoIP


What are the Benefits of Using Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the best choice for both small and large businesses. A hosted VoIP solution allows business communication over the cloud. The cloud communication solution converts voice to digital signals that are carried from one point to another in the form of internet protocol (IP) packets.

Using hosted VoIP offer various advantages over traditional communication solution. Here are 5 biggest benefits provided by hosted VoIP solutions to businesses.

1. Less Costly

The foremost benefit of a hosted VoIP solution is that it is the least expensive of all the telecommunication options. This is the main reason VoIP solutions are quickly replacing traditional telephones in most businesses.

Installing VoIP communication solution requires minimum equipment and wirings. There is no need to install a PBX solution when using hosted VoIP. Moreover, the rates are significantly cheap as compared to those charged by traditional phone companies.

2. Increased Flexibility

Hosted VoIP allow you to enjoy all the benefits of cloud communication such as anytime, anywhere connectivity. Individuals can access the VoIP telephone from anywhere there is an internet connection. The cloud communication solution can also be used when travelling. Simply take the IP phone or headset and connect with staffs and clients on the go.

3. Improved Productivity

Another great benefit of a hosted VoIP technology is that it can greatly influence overall productivity of the employees. The communication technology allows employees to multi-task without any interruption. They can attach documents, share data, and conduct virtual meetings using the internet telephony. In addition, enhanced clarity of VoIP technology ensures efficient communication that leads to increased employee productivity.

4. Easy Installation and Troubleshooting

Hosted VoIP is relatively easy to install and troubleshoot as compared to traditional communication solutions. There is no need for separate cabling that not only reduces clutter but also decreases trip hazard as well. Also, since the transfer of voice occurs digitally using a software, it is much easier to troubleshoot and detect errors.

5. Traditional and Advanced Features

All of the features such as hold, call hunt, call transfer,, and auto answering are supported by a hosted VoIP system. Moreover, the cloud communication solution also supports advanced features such as integrating with CRM software, email, call recording, and other software packages. Moreover, some of the hosted VoIP solution providers offer voice mail transcription service whereby the voice message is transcribed into text so that there is no need to take notes during a conversation.

In conclusion, hosted VoIP solutions offer significant benefits to businesses as compared to traditional communication services.Make sure to contact a reliable VoIP service provider that offers quality services at an affordable cost to take full advantage of the cloud-based communication solution.




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