Your Guide to Data Security in Cloud Computing

The advantages of cloud computing are only starting to be fully understood. As the digital transformation takes hold the cloud will provide the foundation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Cloud computing also provides the necessary storage to support business and consumer applications. As we become increasingly dependent on internet content and tools the cloud supports those needs.

But data security in cloud computing is a very real concern. Small business owners may even hesitate in making the transition because they fear the security issues are too great.

Don't let the obstacles to security stop you from growing your business. Here's what you need to know about data security in cloud computing

1. The Cloud Is a Competitive Advantage

Before delving into the risks of cloud computing it is important to understand how important the cloud is. Companies who worry about data security in cloud computing need to overcome the risks.

There are risks with driving an automobile or owning a credit card but they are essential. The cloud is the same.

For businesses to survive the cloud is key.

SEO is faster with managed cloud solutions. Our insatiable desire for video content is supported by the cloud.

And cloud computing is more cost-effective than traditional data storage. Businesses that master the cloud will survive the digital transformation.

Those that don't will be left behind.

2. Don't Trust the Horror Stories

It seems as though every day there is a new story about a massive security breach. Malware attacks and ransomware dominate the news.

A recent ransomware attack spread across 150 countries. Consumers have had financial records and private information accessed through hacking.

And while these stories are very real they are not indicative of the issues with cloud computing. In fact, data security in cloud computing might be more secure than what you can offer onsite.

For the small business that select the right cloud services and support, there are security enhancements, rather than greater risks.

You may be gaining access to a virtual security team that is more robust than what you can offer internally.

3. The Risks Are Growing

Even though the sensational horror stories shouldn't guide business decisions there are risks. Unfortunately, the more we rely on cloud computing the greater the risks will be.

The imminent rise of the IoT is predicted to create more security headaches for all of us. Even if that smart refrigerator can predict what you need at the grocery store, it may be a major problem for the network.

What this means to business owners is that data security in cloud computing needs to be a part of their buying decision. Unless their cloud service provider has security protocols in place and an expert support team they aren't a great fit.

But as experts identify the risks the solutions are growing as well.

4. The Cloud Is Safer Because of Support

One of the reasons small businesses choose the cloud is because it is less expensive and scalable. As businesses grow they can quickly adapt to the changing needs of their internal stakeholders and clients.

This shift allows small businesses to compete on a global scale without significant upfront investments. But the other good news is that the cloud is safer than operating your data needs in-house.

Unless you have access to a robust IT team that is well informed on the latest trends you are at a disadvantage.

But hiring the right managed cloud solutions gives you access to an expert support team.

5. Identifying the Breach

The biggest offender with data security breaches is often that the user doesn't recognize the issue in time. The reason viruses spread so rapidly is that they go unnoticed until it is far too late.

Without an expert support team, your business will be at a greater risk. In fact, they may not recognize the breach until it impacts operations.

At this point, it is often too late. With cloud services monitoring the data and use of your storage, the risks can be head off before they spread.

6. Data Security in Cloud Computing Starts At Home

For every issue that is attributed to cloud storage and cloud computing, there is a major component lost in the story. The truth is that the vast majority of security breaches often start with users.

Even a company with the most robust security protocols needs to work for employee use. The biggest threats to data security in cloud computing come from users.

72% of people would share confidential, regulated, or sensitive company data under certain circumstances. Add in the employees who would willingly click on an email link from an unknown source and the major issues with data security are often with the users.

For companies looking for the best data security in cloud computing, it is necessary to have clear guidelines on the use and internal education for users.

7. Investing in Success

With all of the potential with cloud computing, it is important to invest for success. This includes data protection and security.

Unfortunately, many small business owners expect to make the most of the cloud without putting in the best protections.

Even as ransomware attacks have quadrupled to 4000 a day many small business owners are hesitant to invest in protection.

62% of companies say they would not increase cybersecurity after experiencing a breach that appeared to do no harm. Don't make that mistake.

Invest in security and the best cloud support before disaster strikes.

Data You Can Trust

When it comes to making the most of cloud computing there is a lot of confusing information to wade through. For businesses that want to get the competitive advantage digital transformation offers it is difficult to know who to trust.

CIO's, entrepreneurs and small business owners are forced to untangle information that is often misleading and inaccurate.

Unscrupulous service providers hope to persuade procurement professionals to spend big money on security solutions that may be unnecessary.

Leveraging the Cloud

In order to leverage cloud computing and stay protected you need information, you can trust. Browse The Cloud offers clear factual information and accurate data for businesses looking for the best solutions.

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