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As cloud technology is forever getting more and more popular, offers a clear and concise website that allows for easier viewing and comparing between cloud solutions. While most companies offering these services will promise you they are the best, BrowsetheCloud will let you compare and contrast between competitors, as well as allowing users to review them to help you make up your own mind.

This website is not about advertising companies, with more consideration being placed on comparing which features are available and what suits you best.

Categories Make Searching Simpler

An advantage of using BrowseTheCloud is that there is a wide range of services on offer, all placed into relevant categories and sub categories. This allows for users to clearly be able to search for cloud services that are directly relevant to what they are looking for, rather than having to seek out potential services and figure out if they actually meet their needs. Additionally a search bar on each page allows you to search key words helping you to refine what it is you are looking for.

Comparison Feature

Another benefit is the recently introduced cloud software comparison feature, allowing users to compare companies with each other to see a direct contrast between what is on offer. This clearly displays what features each company provides, allowing the user to make an informed decision on which meets their needs best, without wasting any time. See this example of dedicated server hosting.

Clear pricing structures

Due to a clear pricing structure displayed on each service provider’s page, it is easy to find out the cost. Each pricing structure is detailed with the cost, from the basic model up to premium services, including what benefits come under each price plan. This allows for a quick understanding in the price that is needed to be paid for the level of service that is required.

Also clearly listed is the type of payment model, for example subscription based model. On top of this if the company offers a free trial, this will also be clearly displayed on the page, making it simple if you want to try before you commit.

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Customer Reviews.

Another feature designed purely to enhance the experience and help with making an informed decision allowing customers to review their past experiences. With a 5 star rating system, users can rate how happy they are with each service and leave a detailed description, allowing you to see a real human opinion, rather than a sales pitch. These reviews are authentic and allow you to judge for yourself the companies offering their services.


BrowseTheCloud is all about helping you find a solution and not trying to give you the hard sell. It is a unique site only focused on helping businesses decide for themselves what solution best suits their own needs without having to tediously manually search what is out there. The vast range of services already on the site, which are continuously updated combined with the comparison features and customer reviews, serves to only help with making the right decision, and making it quickly.

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Big names you can trust. Cloud comparison made easy by Browse the Cloud. Enjoy!