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About Optimum Solutions

Optimum Time & Attendance is an advanced time-tracking solution that increases productivity, tracks employee attendance more accurately, and allows companies to effectively manage their workforce. The business rule-based options provided by the system are imperative when complying with wage and hour requirements for numerous employees and multiple schedules. Business rules, such as employee schedules, grace periods, and overtime rules, can be defined at the company, organization, and/or employee level. Optimum Time & Attendance offers flexibility and convenience by eliminating the use of timecards. Multiple clocking options are available to collect employees’ time. Whether using PC, web-based, badge/swipe, or biometric clocking options, the process is completely paperless. Optimum Time & Attendance can be deployed on premise or in the cloud as a stand-alone module or integrated to Optimum Payroll and/or Optimum Human Resources. When integrated, the products utilize one masterfile database which eliminates redundant data entry. Integration to the other Optimum applications ensures a company’s payroll and HR departments are always working with current employee information.

Key Features

  • Multi-level, user defined business policies
  • Unlimited, user defined schedules
  • PC, Mobile, Badge Swipe and Biometric clocking options
  • Leave Management with workflow for employee leave request
  • Create user-defined authorization codes with assigned point values for perfect attendance and disciplinary tracking
  • Wide variety of standard reports with options to export to PDF or Excel
Product Details
  • ONE DATABASE • Optimum HRIS is a completely integrated solution with one master database, so you can update employee records once across all applications. No more duplicated entries to maintain
  • DEVELOPED AND SUPPORTED IN-HOUSE • Not only is our software developed in house, we also support it ourselves. With Optimum, you’ll get to know your dedicated, highly trained support representative by name
  • FLEXIBILITY • In-House software for on-premise or cloud licensing


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5 out of 5 based on 1 review.