Dedicated servers and hosting.

Dedicated hosting and server options offer a solution to bandwidth restrictions and provide the resources needed to run your operations smoothly, without having the hassle of a shared hosting environment, which can come with smaller hosting packages.

With an entire server being yours, you will have plenty of bandwidth and memory to ensure your website can handle significant amounts of traffic and host a range of multimedia. Due to being the sole owner of the server, you will enjoy increased reliability and security than most other hosting plans.

Also another leading benefit is the level of administrative access you are granted, when sharing servers, although it is usually cheaper, hosting companies often limit the level of access. However with your own dedicated server, you would be granted full administration privileges, enabling you to install custom program configurations and closely monitor usage.


On top of this, with a dedicated server you should receive priority support. With faster response times from professional technicians it will mean you are able to overcome any potential problems much faster and easier. The trained technicians can also help with troubleshooting queries, and help set up and run your server, helping you save costs on hiring external help.

While when first starting out it may make sense to use a shared server, especially if you only have a low amount of traffic. However if you see growth, you will truly benefit from the many advantages that are seen coming from having your own server.


One of the leading companies in server hosting, Rackspace are able to offer a mix of dedicated servers, private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting. With packages allowing you to pick and choose to create the perfect mic to suit your own needs. Offering 24 hours support, through live chat, email and telephone, Rackspace is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your tailor made package.


Forming in 1999, XLHost has a reputation that is hard to match. Offering dedicated servers for reasonable prices, XLHost meets the needs of all individuals, small businesses and global enterprises. When reliability is key in business, you can rest assured XLHost has you covered, with a proven 99.9% uptime and the ability to scale services to suit your needs, there is no risk involved.


Hosted on powerful Dell servers, Hostingsource provide solid performance and continuous stability. With 24/7/365 support and experienced staff, you will receive unmatched customer service. Prices start from as little as $29 a month, with no contracts and 100% uptime guaranteed.

Data Foundry

Data Foundry was one of the first companies to enter the ISP market, now offering a range of network services with included DDOS protection. Suitable for small businesses and global enterprises. Prices on enquiry.

A2 Hosting

Offering security, reliability and support A2 Hosting provide extremely fast performance. Offering a wide range of hosting services, including shared, dedicated, cloud and VPS. With a money back guarantee you are assured in being satisfied with the performance, combined with a 24/7/365 support in case of any unforeseen events.